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TurboTomato 07-20-2016 04:35 AM

Steering knock
Got a knock coming from the steering of my TCe - seems to manifest itself during acceleration/braking rather than over bumps and wiggling the steering makes no difference. It's particularly noticeable when pulling away from a stop and generally at very low speeds.

Anyway it's book in for the dealer to take a look, I'll report back once I have it back from them.

LadyBird 08-16-2016 11:46 AM

Sure it's the steering and not a spring / shock issue?

TurboTomato 08-22-2016 04:34 AM

I figured it was steering as I can feel it through the wheel (on occasion) and it doesn't occur over bumps. Anyway it seemed so intermittent (only really occurring in hot weather) that I ended up cancelling the booking. It can wait until the next service.

deltamachine 08-24-2016 05:05 PM

Steering Knock
I am having the same issue I think. Starts as a knocking through the steering wheel and then I start getting a creaking from the steering rack, mainly when turning right and at low speed. Also definitely worse in hot weather
Been into the dealer and all they could say is that Renault are investigating and that it is safe to drive. Just found out through Renault customer care that due to the France factories & offices being on shutdown that they cannot update me with a solution until September.
Anybody else having this issue, as it sounds awful from outside the car!!

TurboTomato 08-25-2016 04:28 AM

Mine is back again with the current hot weather. No creaking though. But it is clearly ambient temperature related - can't feel/hear it on the way into work in the morning (around 8am) but by the time I use it at lunch or returning home when it has been sat in the sun for some time it starts to knock again.

Jade75 08-30-2016 06:14 PM

I took delivery of my Twingo in March. The knocking and creaking started on mine 6 weeks later in May. Worse in hot weather, clunking through steering and pedals and awful creaking noises. It was so bad the RAC came out to look at it and advised that the front bushes had dried out. They were lubricated and I was advised to take it to the dealer asap. A month later, they advised that the front struts needed replacing. Parts on back order. 3 weeks later struts were finally replaced but tech found creaking knocking still present. I ended up having the entire steering rack replaced which did solve the problem......until last week. It's started again :(

deltamachine 08-31-2016 01:21 PM

Mine has just started being noticeable through the pedals as well. Still no joy from the dealer or Renault customer care, thinking about going to trading standards next if I get no joy by the end of next week

TurboTomato 09-01-2016 04:21 AM

Pedals? Interesting. I can feel mine through the wheel but not the pedals.

Jade75 09-01-2016 07:58 AM

I had a rant on twitter and Facebook.....Renault uk were hot on my tail! They don't want bad publicity after all. May be worth a shot. I tagged them into both rants so they didn't have much choice but to act really!! Good luck. Still unsure what to do myself....mine is on finance and 6 months old at end of rejection time is limited though like you, trading standards could be plan b as it's appalling for a new car and I deem it not fit for purpose. >:(

deltamachine 09-01-2016 10:38 AM

Same here, on finance so have been told I am past the 30 day rejection time (took delivery in April). Will give them another week to come back to me as the French side have only just come back from their summer shutdown. Facebook rant seems like a good idea though :-)

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